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Free Grade 1 Educational Resources

1st Grade is a big step for kids! It’s where they start to read, write, and think more on their own. 

This year is really important because their skills in school and with friends grow a lot. We have all the resources to help make this year fun and successful for every child.


What Grade 1 Kids Need?

First grade is a big growth year. Kids start to build on what they know and learn new things in a deeper way. 

Here’s what they need during this exciting time:

Reading Skills: Kids move from just learning to read to using reading to learn. They need to get better at understanding and fluently reading stories and information.

Math Skills: First graders start to understand bigger numbers, basic shapes, and telling time. They keep learning more about adding and subtracting too.

Science Exploration: They begin to look at the world like scientists, asking questions and observing nature.

Social and Emotional Skills: Understanding feelings, following rules, and working in teams are important for first graders.

You might be surprised to know that studies show that kids who are good at reading and math in first grade often do well in school later on.


How We Covered Everything to Help First Graders

To give first graders a well rounded experience, we’ve developed a variety of resources that cover all key areas of their development. That includes:

Advanced Literacy: Our materials go beyond reading. We also focus on writing, listening, and speaking skills to build strong communicators.

Interactive Storybooks: These books help grow kids’ vocabulary and understanding of more complex stories.

Numeracy Skills: We covered exercises that go from basic counting to math operations and measurement.

Math Games: We make math fun and engaging with games that teach problem-solving skills.

Explorative Science: Our science content is designed to match their curiosity about the world, covering earth, life, and physical sciences.

Simple Experiments: These activities introduce kids to the scientific method and promote hands-on learning.

Character Education: We also cover worksheets that help kids develop integrity, respect, and self-awareness.

Social Scenarios: Through our activities, kids learn how to resolve conflicts and work cooperatively with others.

Our curriculum is carefully made for learning in every first grader and guides them towards a successful academic path.


What Your Child Gets

By the end of Grade 1 with our resources, your child will achieve:

Literacy and Communication Skills: Your child will read confidently and share their ideas clearly.

Foundational Math Understanding: They'll have a solid understanding of basic math, preparing them for more complex concepts.

Scientific Curiosity: Your child’s interest in science will grow as they learn to observe and ask questions.

Social Skills: They'll get better at interacting with friends and adults, helping to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom and beyond.


Through engaging with our Grade 1 resources, your child will not only master the essentials but also develop a genuine excitement for the world of knowledge.

So, I hope you get a clear idea about grade 1st. Why wait? Sign up today and start your child’s developing journey.